Cbus Pacers
Running club. Training group. Social outlet. Be a part of it all with the CBUS Pacers!
The Cbus Pacers is a central Ohio running club and training group, offering training programs and group runs around the Columbus area. We’re dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and having some fun along the way, whether you're just beginning or you've been running all your life.

* For those interested in training for a spring event, our club has hundreds of people in different pace groups to help you on your quest. With multiple runs during the week, training and being social has never been better.

Our favorite reasons to join the Cbus Pacers:

- You'll be a part of a community of running friends, a group that includes coaches, pace group leaders, and of course runners of all levels.
Cbus Pacers

- Joining the Cbus Pacers is FREE.

- To help you reach your goals, we have the finest coaches available - and we offer custom training plans! Custom training plans made just for you and your goals. These are set up with nicely priced packages to fit your needs.  This day by day calendar will guide you on the road to success. It doesn't matter if your goal is to lose weight, get faster, qualify for Boston, run your first race, or just prove to yourself that you can do something you didn't think you could. The Cbus Pacers are here to help you make changes and melt faces! Plus you get a Cbus pacers shirt and discounts to a sweet local running store. That's right a free shirt with the training plan. It's a great value, it's great fun, and it's the bomb dot com!

- With 'The Hub', you'll have an online social site where you can link up with other area runners, ask questions, post photos, create events, and get to know those you share the road with.

Our weekend group runs are led by pace group leaders during our build-up towards the spring & fall racing seasons. The combination of your coach, training plan, and support of the Cbus Pacers will be a huge asset on your trip to the finish line of your event! However nothing will be as rewarding as the end result of a successful journey with the Cbus Pacers to the finish line!

To discuss a custom training plan with one of the Cbus Pacers coaches contact a CRC store and set up a time to meet!

Our current staple runs are:
Saturday, 8am - Dublin Columbus Running Co. location. Pace groups provided.
Saturday, 8am - Pickerington Columbus Running Co. location. Pace groups provided.
Saturday, 8am - Westerville Columbus Running Co. location. Pace groups provided.
Tuesday, 6:15pm - Antrim Park Kiosk. Casual social run. Trip to P.K. O'Ryan's afterwards to emphasize the social!
Wednesday, 6pm - Dublin Speed Work. Meet at the Park behind the Dublin Rec. Center. (on hiatus for the winter)
Thursday, 6:30pm - Turtle Thursdays! Eleven minute pace and up. Meet at the Park of Roses in Clintonville.
Thursday, 6:00pm - Picktown Night Crawlers. Hopefully this will keep us motivated so the spring track workouts won't be as painful! Meet at the store. In the Spring/Summer this run meets for speed work at Blacklick Metro Park. We usually jog over to the Reynoldsburg track.

Check out 'The Hub' for full run listings!